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17 September 2010 @ 01:41 pm
Hahaa, well, finished with classes today. I'm in the library right now waiting for my (twin) brother to get finished with his accounting test so we can leave. I had three tests today - one Networking and two PC Hardware. Err...yeahhhh. I studied my ASS off and guess what? NOTHING on the test is what I studied. OF COURRRSE. Why does that always happen? ;;__;;  Kind of funny, actually...the last question on the final test was something along the lines of "Electrostatic electricity, also known as ________ electricity, is electricity at rest" or something like that. And I KNEW I studied the answer at some point in my (pointless) two-hour pre-study session, but my mind went blank. Wanna know what I put instead?

"Also known as "Pikachu" electricity." With a cute little doodle of Pikachu. 8D  What..? Think I'll get it wrong? XD  

Yeah...my professor doesn't seem like the kind of person who would find that humorous. I doubt he even knows who Pikachu is. xDD

Well I'm screwed.


Once my bro gets finished we're heading to the mall so I can buy Halo Reach, a Gold membership, and a 1600 MS points card. Which means me = BROKE afterwards. >.>  Dang it...I still need to buy Enslaved and Fable III next month!! AND I STILL NEED A PSP SO I CAN PLAY KH: BIRTH BY SLEEP.

Ughhh I need to get a job at Gamestop. ;;;

I'm gonna make my Spartan light blue and pink. ^u^ Still need to change my gamertag to LadyEspeon, too. Right now it's something else, heheh. I've actually never played a first-person shooter before, believe it or not. I know, right? What, what kind of gamer girl are you, Kiera?! Hey, I'm more of an RPG/adventure/platformer gamer myself. I've never been very good at first-person shooters....So I foresee myself getting my butt kicked. 


Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? RIGHT?!

Until next time~
Lady Espeon
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ladyespeonladyespeon on September 20th, 2010 12:43 pm (UTC)
Hahaha XD I'm getting that test back today, actually... *gulp*

And yay, thanks!